PBX Servers

Custom made PBX Servers.

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We build, configure and implement on-premises custom made IP-PBX appliance for our customers.

We also configure and implement ready made IP-PBX appliance from well known brands. All these hardware has been extensively tested to be 100% compatible with PBXact or FreePBX or their own proprietary PBX software. All the hardware are 100% compatible and reliable with OmniSIP trunk service. Expansion options are available on demand for legacy phone connectivity.

netSIP ensures all these appliance coming with best practice implementation, high-level technical support, key person training and documentation and phone number porting assistance.

PBX Servers

Appliances we are supporting

3CX Phone System

We are also supporting 3CX Phone System. This is a software based, easy to install and manage solution. 3CX can be deployed on-premise on Linux, Windows, and Raspberry Pi or in the cloud. We support hosted and on-premises solution. 3CX is fully compatible with OmniSIP trunk service. Drop us your enquiry for more details.