Affordable, Reliable, Fully-Automated, Highly-Scalable, Cloud PBX Solution for Business.

OmniTalk is a cloud PBX designed to help your business work from anywhere.

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Go netSIP for your Phone System requirements.

Building Phone System for businesses is the one of the main work we do and are doing it in the right way.

A Powerful Phone Systems Designed for your Business.

OmniTalk Phone Systems is a Cloud Hosted PBX pre-installed and professionally configured with FreePBX, making them an ideal fit for business owners looking to get more out of a phone system. With millions of deployments throughout the world. It is a rock solid solution for any companies or professional with any size.

Our Hosted VoIP PBX products and services, that give businesses (and even private homes) the features and functionality of telephone systems that were previously only affordable by large companies such as almost unlimited telephone extensions and IVR etc. With our system you can enjoy all the features available to big companies with very affordable price structure.

OmniTalk Phone Systems is suitable for an ordinary office, a virtual office or offices in multiple locations and even at your home. Wherever you are using, our system is fully featured, affordable and reliable for daily business usage.

OmniTalk hosted VoIP PBX solution which eliminates the need for legacy PBX and key systems, which will increases productivity, dramatically reduce on-going communication cost, geographical flexibility, real-time disaster backup/recovery, and reduced learning curve.

OmniTalk Phone System offers businesses of any scale the opportunity to boost productivity. The system is packed with full of call management features required for an office phone system at a fraction of cost. All our systems are hosted in secure data center in UK, not shared with any other business phone system, that gives you very low latency and delay in your daily phone communication. It feels like you are using a traditional lines.

OmniTalk Phone System perfect solution for small businesses or professional who need to keep their phone system running wherever they are. Our system is fully compatible with IP Phone/desk phone and you can make and receive calls from any Android or iOS mobile device like a usual phone call with all notifications.

OmniTalk is a "PBX on Mobile", means you can run a native application on a mobile phone, it connects all users/extension/employees to a cloud-based PBX system. All the call including the landline calls rings directly on your mobile app without using call forwarding.

We are NOT charging per user basis or number of phones connected to the system. You are just paying for the phone system, you can have nay number of users/extensions/phones in your business. All this starts from £25/month*, that's all. No long-term contract or hidden charges for any plans.

Looking for very affodable outgoing/outbound calls, read more about OmniSIP here!


Phone System for Business Centers or Co-working Space by OmniTalk

For Business Centers or Co-working Space that lease large blocks of commercial office space and sub-let individual offices with receptionists to small businesses, phone systems are essential. OmniTalk is suitable for those businesses.

Tenant phones are required for:

Thinking about to create a Call Centre?

Do you make/receive calls for:

All neSIP VoIP products can be used to make Inbound/Outbound calls in a systematic and streamlined manner. We can help you to setup one for your business, enquire more details.

General setup/installation procedure for OmniTalk