Rock solid SIP Trunking service for business.

OmniTalk is a cloud PBX designed to help your business work from anywhere.

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If your business have fast, reliable internet access you can think about moving to OmniSIP SIP Trunk and replacing your existing phone lines.

Off-course you need a phone system to use the SIP trunks. OmniSIP is 100% compatible with OmniTalk and it is the virtual link between our phone system (or any other IP based phone system) and PSTN/Mobile lines to make or receive calls.

So basically OmniSIP Trunk is an alternative to traditional phone lines but works with Internet technologies which will eventually increase the productivity of your work force.

If your business or profession needs lots of inbound (concurrent/simultaneous) calls, we can add more channels to your trunks.

Unlike the traditional phone lines, OmniSIP is very cost effective and no long term contacts. There is no location-based restrictions on your communications, meaning you can choose any number, regardless of geography. Its very suitable for moving work force.

As there is no physical lines involved in this process, you can easily move offices without changing your existing numbers or the connection. You will get more flexibility with your phone numbers.


Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing business communication products in the world.

Microsoft Teams is mainly used as an internal communications tool, Microsoft has developed a way for the platform to be used as a fully fledged business phone system (PBX). Direct Routing is the answer.

Direct Routing which connects Microsoft Teams to the PTSN, or the Public Service Telephone Network to make and receive mobile and landline calls. It may be helpful for some businesses which is mainly consists of remote works and want to stick to Microsoft platform/Office 365 for all their communication and data exchange.