The easiest way to provide Network Wide AdBlocker.

Ad Free & Safest Internet Experience.

Protect against theft of personal and financial data. Keep viruses, ransomware, and other malware out of your home and business.

Enterprise-grade protection for all individuals and businesses.

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Households, Individuals and small business are under attack by malware and phishing, and they aren't always equipped with the knowledge they need to avoid malicious content.

Now you can enjoy the same level of protection that large corporations have enjoyed for years without having to worry about the technology behind it.

OmniShield is a router/network level/DNS level ad-blocking and anti-tracking hardware.

Network-level blocking allows any device to block ads, regardless of hardware or OS. Since ads are blocked before they are downloaded, your network will perform better, pages load faster, less cluttered, secure and uses less bandwidth. Web pages and apps loads 35% faster.

Protect every device in your home/small office/business, instantly ? PC/Mac, laptops, smartphones, tablets, dvrs, game consoles, TVs, literally anything that connects to the internet. This solution protects you and means fewer trips, or painful phone calls, trying to help family or friends fix their computer problems.

OmniShield will not provide the answer when the site you are trying to visit is known to contain malware or phishing or any ads. Blocking it before it happens is preferable to first getting malicious code and then having it detected and cleaned by anti-virus software. So this is First Defene to your network to Stop unwanted network activity.

Just plug the device into your Internet router, change the DNS settings and experience the safe and ad-free Internet.

Built in hacker/malware prevention system. Malicious software, malware command and control servers, phishing campaigns, pharming URLs, exploit kits, ransomware, spyware, viruses, ID theft and other threats or software embedded in ads never reach your network.

Block Over 100,000 Ad-serving and tracking domains.

Pre-configured to block adult content, so safest Internet experience for your kids and whole family.

Works with any Internet router, wired or Wi-Fi network and ensures ad-free surfing on websites, apps, audio and video streams.

Device updates automatically. One time cost only, no monthely changes or subscriptions!

The best privacy for your entire Network and all your Devices.