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flags India Mobile 0.009 GBP
flags India Land Line 0.008 GBP
flags Pakistan 0.07 GBP
flags Bangladesh 0.02 GBP
flags Sri Lanka 0.07 GBP
flags Philippines 0.06 GBP
flags China 0.008 GBP
flags Thailand 0.008 GBP
flags Malaysia 0.009 GBP
flags Hong Kong 0.009 GBP
flags Nepal 0.06 GBP
flags UAE 0.09 GBP
flags Qatar 0.09 GBP
flags Oman 0.06 GBP
flags Saudi Arabia 0.05 GBP
flags Bahrain 0.02 GBP
flags Kuwait 0.02 GBP
flags European Union 0.01-0.15 GBP
flags USA 0.005 GBP
flags UK 0.006 GBP
flags Australia 0.01 GBP
flags New Zealand 0.008 GBP

All Rates are shown here based on either you are using Local access number or our software for calling. Check your phone company to know the access number is included in free minutes on your contract.

Access Number:
UK - 020 3414 6820
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Call us at:
UK - 020 3393 8441
  USA - 1845 603 1270

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Call phones of family and friends at amazingly low rates from your PC, Phone, Mobile, any Phone adapter or IP Phone using netSIP. View the rates in the currency of your choice, to call at any landline or mobile in the below mentioned countries.

Rates are subject to change without notice. All rates are in per minute.
How to Read the rates:
For eg: 0.009 means less than a penny, 0.01 means one pence and 0.10 means 10 pence.

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DestinationBritish Pound/min
M | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Macao [FIX] 0.03528
Macao [MOB] 0.03528
Macedonia [FIX] 0.0735
Macedonia [MOB] 0.2744
Madagascar [FIX] 0.40768
Madagascar [MOB] 0.39494
Malawi [FIX] 0.08526
Malawi [MOB] 0.11564
Malaysia [FIX] 0.00882
Malaysia [MOB] 0.01078
Maldives [FIX] 0.49196
Maldives [MOB] 0.48118
Mali [FIX] 0.14406
Mali [MOB] 0.2156
Malta [FIX] 0.0098
Malta [MOB] 0.02842
Marshall Islands [FIX] 0.14798
Marshall Islands [MOB] 0.17542
Martinique [FIX] 0.00686
Martinique [MOB] 0.0196
Mauritania [FIX] 0.2793
Mauritania [MOB] 0.27734
Mauritius [FIX] 0.049
Mauritius [MOB] 0.049
Mayotte [FIX] 0.03234
Mayotte [MOB] 0.0441
Mexico [FIX] 0.00686
Mexico [MOB] 0.02842
Mexico [SPC] 0.03822
Micronesia [FIX] 0.11956
Micronesia [MOB] 0.11956
Moldova [FIX] 0.12446
Moldova [MOB] 0.14504
Monaco [FIX] 0.04704
Monaco [MOB] 0.25382
Mongolia [FIX] 0.0196
Mongolia [MOB] 0.0196
Montenegro [FIX] 0.08428
Montenegro [MOB] 0.2401
Montserrat [FIX] 0.15582
Montserrat [MOB] 0.15386
Morocco [FIX] 0.01274
Morocco [MOB] 0.26852
Mozambique [FIX] 0.03528
Mozambique [MOB] 0.14896
Myanmar [FIX] 0.14406
Myanmar [MOB] 0.08722