NO connection charge
NO long-term contract
Use from any phone
Recharge as and when you need
Check your account online
No expiry date
No hidden charges
No switching necessary
Free Caller ID for your account
SIP adapter/IP Phone compatible
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flags India Mobile £0.012
flags India Land Line £0.012
flags Pakistan £0.03
flags Bangladesh £0.02
flags Sri Lanka £0.12
flags Philippines £0.08
flags China £0.006
flags Thailand £0.01
flags Malaysia £0.03
flags Hong Kong £0.01
flags Nepal £0.07
flags UAE £0.12
flags Qatar £0.12
flags Oman £0.09
flags Saudi Arabia £0.06
flags Bahrain £0.08
flags Kuwait £0.02
flags European Union £0.01 - £0.15
flags USA £0.005
flags UK £0.005
flags Australia £0.01
flags New Zealand £0.009

All Rates are shown here based on either you are using Local access number or our software for calling. Check your phone company to know the access number is included in free minutes on your contract.

Access Number:
UK - 020 3414 6820

Call us at:
020 3393 8441
About Us

netSIP is a VOIP service from ReviewLab, an international call provider that provides the very cheapest call rates to the customer to call any landline or mobile phone anywhere in the wrold. offers you the chance to save money (upto 95%) through low call rates both at home and abroad. We always give priority for our customer satisfaction with superior sound clarity and fast connection.

There is NO hidden charges, Connection charges, disconnection charges. Our lowest rate gives customers maximum utilization of each pence they spent on their national or international calls. Check our calling rates here Always gives the cheapest International rates available in the market to each country. By introducing the referral systems and business associates, most of our customers can save money more than they spend to make calls using