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NO long-term contract
Use from any phone
Recharge as and when you need
Check your account online
No expiry date
No hidden charges
No switching necessary
Free Caller ID for your account
SIP adapter/IP Phone compatible
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flags India Mobile £0.012
flags India Land Line £0.012
flags Pakistan £0.03
flags Bangladesh £0.02
flags Sri Lanka £0.12
flags Philippines £0.08
flags China £0.006
flags Thailand £0.01
flags Malaysia £0.03
flags Hong Kong £0.01
flags Nepal £0.07
flags UAE £0.12
flags Qatar £0.12
flags Oman £0.09
flags Saudi Arabia £0.06
flags Bahrain £0.08
flags Kuwait £0.02
flags European Union £0.01 - £0.15
flags USA £0.005
flags UK £0.005
flags Australia £0.01
flags New Zealand £0.009

All Rates are shown here based on either you are using Local access number or our software for calling. Check your phone company to know the access number is included in free minutes on your contract.

Access Number:
UK - 020 3414 6820
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Welcome to netSIP. netSIP is a VOIP service from ReviewLab lets you easily call any landline or mobile phone anywhere in the world with superiour call quality for very low rate per minute.

The CHEAPEST AND CLEAR calls to any phone number in the world from less than a Penny per minute!

We provide Local Access Number to use netSIP from your Mobile Phone, Land Phone and free software to use netSIP from PC, Mac, Mobile Phones, iPhone and Android Phones!

How to Start with netSIP
Just 3 Steps to start using netSIP:

If you are an existing netSIP user, you can earn free calling credit to your account by Refer a friend and earn free call credit option!

What is VOIP Phone Service
VoIP stands for voice over Internet protocol and refers to the ability to combine Internet and phone service into a single service. This technology was originally designed for data but the popularity led to the adaption of voice networking as well. The service is equally efficient for large businesses and residential phone service.

In the past, phone customers typically paid a monthly rate for local phone service and they charge a high per-minute rate for long distance calls. This bill could be quite high at the end of the month if you had friends and family in other countires. VoIP software/service eliminates your phone company and use Internet to call abroad with very low per minute rare.

netSIP has been created to provide you with a complete, comprehensive and most of all easy to use method to call international phone with very low rate and superiour call quality to anywhere in the world.

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